About Us
Who we are

Charity Apple is a 100% non-profit initiative by the Rotary Club of Colombo in partnership with Saberion Pvt Ltd and Hatton National Bank. Our expectation is to accumulate financial aid for the people in need.

We believe in “our values” which enables us to drive forward in, Caring, one person at a time. We are an organization that facilitates the sponsors to find genuine, deserving people who need financial assistance and the people in need will be satisfied by our Charity Apple initiative.

Our Values

We aspire to be of significant assistance to the people in requirement of certain factors which are very much beyond their financial ability. Innovative Ideas, thoughts beyond the usual are ways which make us highly efficient and be of significant assistance to the people in need of a “low – cost” strategy. We practice total transparency with our donors which make all & any information available for reference at any time for the Sponsors.

What we do

The idea behind collecting funds is based on a concept known as “Crowd funding”. As the name suggests, “Crowd funding” is the process by which many individuals contribute small amounts of money to fulfill a specific need, this will avoid the possibilities of having to risk on one or two large donations which are expected from individuals.

Charity Apple is the path for all those interested people out there who are genuinely willing to lend their valuable time and money for a creditable cause. Charity Apple will help the Sponsors to be of Assistance to the most deserving person in need.

Charity Apple will oversee the management of the website, bring out the causes which need to be attended, bring together the valuable funds received and provide it to the relevant person in need. The said process will be filed which will then be presented as a project report to the sponsors registered with us, in order to ensure complete transparency.

Charity Apple Committee

  • Co -Chair – Rtn. Vidushan Premathiratne
  • Co- Chair - Rtn. Naqeeb Hussain
  • President – Rtn. Nithi Murugessu
  • President Elect – Rtn. Aroshi Nanayakkara
  • Vice President – PP Mahanama Dodampegama
  • Immediate PP – Rtn. Saravanan Souderarajan
  • Secretary – Rtn. Nadiya Perera
  • Treasurer – PP. Rajiv Walpita
  • Rtn. T. Someswaran
  • Rtn. Kumudu Warnakulasuriya
  • Rtn. Nimal Ratnayake
  • Rtn. Samantha Rajapkshe
  • Rtn. Jitendra Gunaratne

Rotary Club Of Colombo.
  • HNB

    Hatton National Bank is a premier private sector commercial bank in Sri lanka and has been acknowledged globally by The Asian Banker as the Best Retail Bank in Sri Lanka for Six consecutive years for its performance from the year 2007 to 2012

  • Saberion Web & Mobile

    Saberion is a boutique interactive agency focusing on multichannel innovation for web, mobile and public display systems being truly global having 400+ clientele in 4 continents as well as marketing offices in Colombo and Melbourne.

Optional Donation to our Operations

Because we're committed to using 100% of every dollar donated on our to fund medical care for people in need, we rely on small optional donations from people like you to help cover our operating expenses.

By donating to our operations, you're investing in our long-term mission by helping us pay for things like credit card processing fees, supplies, and staff.

Thanks for helping us keep the lights on!