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Cure for Kevin

Progress since January 20, 2015

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Kevin Yapa
Organization Profile
RARE International is a vocal advocate for children and young adults affected by RARE and life threatening illnesses. It was founded by Melissa Dharmadasa, Kevin’s Godmother, to help him and other’s facing equally unknown and uncommon diseases. 

Project Background
Since the tender age of 14, Kevin has endured a troubled life due to this illness. He has already been to India for two separate rounds of treatment without success and now his family is financially exhausted. At just 22 years of age, his condition is critical and the only real chance of life is via a bone marrow transplant.

How you can help
The total cost of the treatment is Rs. 15 million, which includes:  

Patient  pre-transplant work-up 
Donor assessment and stem cell harvest
Sibling allogeneic HSCT

Charity Apple humbly requests a donation towards this cost, to provide Kevin with the funds to undergo a portion of his treatment.

RARE foundation and Kevin will be tremendously grateful for providing support for Kevin to have a fair shot at life. The amount to be raised is Rs. 50,000.

100% of your donations will go towards treatment for Kevin’s bone marrow transplant.
We are committed to complete transparency and accountability.

Optional Donation for our Operations

Because we're committed to using 100% of every rupee donated to fund people in need, we rely on small optional donations from people like you to help cover our operating expenses.

By donating to our operations, you're investing in our long-term mission by helping us pay for things like credit card processing fees, supplies, staff, travelling and other operational costs.

Thanks for helping us keep the lights on!


Optional Donation for our Operations

Drop off your donation at 78, Layards Road, Colombo 05. Please hand over your donation to Ms. Safra Mohideen and remember to clearly state the amount and cause that you are donating to. Drop off times are Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Click here for a route map


Deposit the funds to the below bank account. Please clearly indicate the cause title when making your donation.

Account Name: Rotary Club of Colombo
Account Number: 076010002175
Bank: Hattion National Bank
Branch: Cinnamon Gardens, No. 251, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka