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Bicycles for Joanna’s children

Progress since March 19, 2015

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46 Years
Project Background

*Name changed to protect identity
Joanna was a mother of 5 children when her husband was hit by a shell and died in front of her in April 2009. The shell ricocheted off him and hit her son and daughter which killed them as well. Now Joanna is left with three children of her own and three children of her daughter’s. She is now a mother of six children who attends a school in the next village which is more than 3km away from their home.  

She works as an agricultural laborer in the neighboring village, which is a more prosperous agricultural village. It's a seasonal occupation and so she doesn't always get this work.
She also grows crops in her one acre land and she is unable to keep animals such as cows and goats out while she goes out for work.

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How you can help

Charity Apple hopes to provide funds to Joanna to buy three bicycles for the older children so that they can ride to school with their younger siblings. The remaining funds will be utilized to put up a barbed wire fence around the land to protect her harvest from animals. The total cost for this is Rs.50,000/-

100% of your donations will go towards providing bicycles for Joanna’s children and her needs.
We are committed to complete transparency and accountability.

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