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Stationary and daily needs for young women at Women's Development Centre

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Women's Development Centre Kandy
12 - 25

In Sri Lanka, 1 out of 4 females are sexually abused ( http://kiyanna.lk/when-ignorance-can-make-you-pregnant/ by the time they reach the age of 18. Around 20,000 girls below the age of 20 years become pregnant every year. Some of them are as young as 11 years. The reasons for pregnancy can be anything from the lack of comprehensive reproductive health education and rape to poverty.

The Women’s Development Centre shelter has provided a safe space for abused women since the 1980’s.The shelter houses many adolescent girls who have experienced teenage pregnancies after being raped. At the safe house, mornings are spent spinning yarn for new handlooms which contribute to the products they market, as a means of funding for the house. The afternoons are spent learning new skills, languages and reading - with breaks for the girls to take care of the newborns which they have chosen to keep. The home is equipped with sports grounds and play areas where the more playful girls take to as evening comes.


As the largest women’s shelter in the island, they are in urgent need of maternity kits for the women in their shelter, particularly pregnant women. This includes:

Cloths (Cheeththa)  (pieces )

White nappy cloths (Malpiece ) pieces

Baby suits (packets )

Baby jerky sets (packets)

Sanitary pads

Safety pin boxes

Blade boxes

Coat lamps

Shopping bags (sets)

Pannel (piece)

Cot sheets



Most of the girls are of school-going age and are heavily encouraged to continue attending school and complete their education. The new academic year starts soon and 12 school-going girls at the shelter require material to start their year and gain a much needed and well-rounded education.

Education. The stationery includes:

White cloth material for the uniforms

White school shoes  (girls)

School Bags

Panties (large )

Petty coat   (Medium)

Petty coat  (Large )

White Bra  (Size 30)

White Bra (Size 32)

White Under skirts (large)

Socks  (white)

White ribbon (roles)

CR books  (80 pg)

CR books  (120 pg)

Exercise books (80 pgs )

Exercise books (120 pgs )

Exercise books (160 pgs )

Exercise books (200 pgs )

Exercise books (240 pgs )

Mathematical Instrumental box

Colour Pencil (24 colours box )

Platignums (12 colours)

Foot rulers

Pencils (12 pencils ) box

Pens (blue, black, red )

Erasers and sharpeners

The 2010 Class of Asian International School aims to trigger some generosity with charity apple! With over 80 students now parted to pursue their dreams in the “real world” this is our way of reuniting our batch and believing that “charity begins at home”.  So in honor of our 5 year graduation anniversary we aim to create a donation through crowd funding for a cause we sincerely believe in.


100% of your donations will go towards purchasing the necessary items mentioned and as donation towards the WDC. The material will be handed over directly to the shelter during an entertainment program prepared with the shelter. We are committed to complete transparency and accountability.

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Thanks for helping us keep the lights on!


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