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Donate chairs to a patient of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital.

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Young patients of Lady Ridgeway Hospital
Children between 1 - 7 years
Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Rajagiriya

What is cerebral palsy?
Cerebral palsy (CP) is a condition where a baby's developing brain is damaged, giving rise to abnormal posture and movement. This causes 'motor delays' in the child such as a delay in learning to sit, stand, walk and even play. Indirectly, it affects the physical and mental development of the child. Most babies also suffer from associated mental retardation, fits, constipation, urinary tract infections, hearing defects, squints and chest infections. CP is basically a mixture of multiple problems caused by an injury to the developing brain during pregnancy, birth or even after birth.

How is it treated?
It is important to help children with CP is to diagnose and treat the problems as soon as possible. As the major component of CP is motor delay, the first step is to start motor rehabilitation. The success of which entirely depends on how quickly treatment commences. Early rehabilitation can prevent joint contractures (stiffening of joints), better functional outcome from the remaining motor capabilities and helps make the child as independent as possible.

The Lady Ridgeway Hospital
Lady Ridgeway Hospital of Sri Lanka has a rheumatology unit that caters to children with CP from all over the island. It provides inpatient services and orthotics (mechanical aid devices) to help with the rehabilitation programme. This is done free of charge and supplied by just one institution; the Ragama Rehabilitation Centre. These aids are of great importance to the rehabilitation programme; unfortunately due to increase demand there is a waiting list of 6- 8 months. A delay of 6- 8 months for a child who is diagnosed at 1 year is very significant as within this period unnecessary complications such as joint contractures can occur and the motor response following delayed rehabilitation is abysmal. This is easily prevented by timely treatment.

How you can help
A special chair also called the CP chair is required to develop correct posture and balance in a child with Cerebral Palsy and is the first step of the rehabilitation programme.
As most children come from poor socio-economic backgrounds it is difficult for their parents to afford it, hence treatment is delayed primarily due to financial constraints. Rehab Lanka is offering this chair for a sum of Rs 43,000.
Each chair is custom-made for the child and can be used for several years. We are collecting funds to donate chairs to 1 patient of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital.
The children and families of Lady Ridgway Hospital would be greatly appreciated by your contribution to this cause.

100% of your donation funds a chair for a child with special needs.
We are committed to complete transparency and accountability.

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